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Technical questions



BeBookStar is a platform that allows indie authors to publish and sell their (not only) electronic books. We believe that out there are lot of people having great know-how, interesting views on different topics, many people with great life-stories. For all those potential authors publishing in ordinary way might be obstacle or just too much risky. We simply want to be an incubator for new stars of (not only) literary universe.


Can I buy books without registration?

Shopping is possible only after registration. One of the major reasons is that together with your account we will create your “book-shelf”, where we store all your bought books.

What is the "book-shelf"?

Book-shelf is a place in your account where you can see all the links to books (files) you bought in the past. You can access your book-shelf from any of your devices like desktop, mobile or tablet.


How to buy books?

Majority works like in an ordinary e-shop, so you shouldn´t get lost. After you chose your book, you put it in your cart. Then you will be re-directed to the pay-page. In case you have credit on your account, price will be immediately subtracted and book sent to your book-shelf.

Where can I find discount vouchers and discounted books?

Simply nowhere, we do not practice discount policy on BeBookStar. We don´t think that discounts are fair. If you like any piece of art on our webstore and you are ok with the price, go ahead and buy it! In the future the price will be the same or higher. So early-birds will always save some money. Definitely it is worth checking new books and being in touch with authors.

Yesterday the price was different – lower. How is that possible?

So you have discovered one of the unique features of BeBookStar.com. Price of the books is changing in time according to parameters set by the author. It can easily happen that price will go up by few % overnight, but also hundreds of % within few hours.

Why there are no free books on BeBookStar.com?

In BeBookStar.com we believe that authors deserve some reward for their piece of art. Quite possible authors offer some parts for free on their blogs or private pages.


Is it possible to pay for one book by credit-card?

Yes it is, but you have to count that we need to count transaction costs, which is charged by bank to us. Usually it is a very small amount, but still this amount would significantly cut author´s share.

What is the transation cost?

Even we count that this is just temporary solution, paying by credit-card bank always charges transaction costs which consists of fixed pay + % from the price. This amount is added to final price you are going to pay by your credit-card. If we didn´t do that we would need to lower authors´ share on sale, which we are trying to keep as high as possible. If you want to avoid transaction costs, just charge your account with credit. You should be assigned this credit within 2 days.

Is it possible to load credits by premium sms?

Payment through so called premium sms is not allowed and we do not even plan this option. Cost per sms paid to providers are so high, that it does not go along with our business principles.

What is the advantage of loading credit?

When paying by credit card, banks are charging transaction costs (which is obvious and we respect that). It´s always a fixed amount + % from price. Usually it is not huge amount, but in case of small amount purchases, transaction costs charged by a bank might be 40% of the price. By loading a credit in higher amount transaction costs do not cover major part and we can ensure authors will get proper and fair part.

Technical questions

What is "DRM" and where can I find it on BeBookStar?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a form how e-books/documents are protected and there are various levels of protection. One of them is so called “social DRM”, where every document is protected by putting i.e. username on every page. So every e-book/document is unique. Another way of DRM protection is so called “hard DRM” which ensures, that the document can be opened on one and the only device.  We understand the problematics of file-sharing, on the other hand we think that DRM is pretty limiting to users and users just do not deserve limited product, when they paid for it.

So we do not put any DRM protection to the files. We trust readers and we want to provide them freedom in terms of file-responsibility. We believe that if the price is reasonable, readers rather recommend the book rather than share it. We try hard so vast majority from the price goes to the author, so you really support those, who worked hard.

We would also like to highlight, that by uploading e-books or other files from BeBookStar.com you act against terms and conditions and this act can lead to serious consequences.

In what formats are e-books/documents offered? Will it be compactible with my reader?

It´s only up to the author which formats will be uploaded for downloads. The more formats, the better for the readers to cover most of the devices. We hope that at least one of formats like ePub, Mobi, PDF will work on your device.

On what device can I read your e-books?

There are many possibilities. Basically you can read e-books on any device which is able to deal with pdf, ePub or Mobi format. You can also read it on your laptop or the magical device created for this purpose – your e-book reader.

My eBook is weirdly displayed on my device, it´s probably badly formatted, is something wrong on my side?

Probably not. For correct formatting of the file is responsible author only, who converts work into demanded files. Best way to fix is to let us know via support@bebookstar.com, try to describe what is wrong in the formatting together with device you are using. We will try to get in touch with the author and fix it as soon as possible.

But every device has own setting, so there is a chance that it can be fixed by following certain technical steps and set up your device correctly.

I would like to buy eBook, but desired format is not available, what can I do?

Let us know via support@bebookstar.com we´ll try to get in touch with the author and fix it as soon as possible.


How gift-vouchers work?

Gift-voucher is a special form of voucher containing an unique code. After entering the code when through your account, your credit will be added. It can be purchased via bank transfer, credit card or transferring credits from your account.

Still questions to be answered?

Get in touch with us on info@bebookstar.com or via our contact form. We will try to answer as soon as possible.