Introducing BeBookStar.com

BeBookStar.com is a meeting-point of those who love writing - scribblers, bloggers, adventurers, travelers, experts, poets, novelists and other literary rebels with those who love reading and want to give chance to rising stars.

Our philosophy and mind-pillars:

  • We think that there are many great stories out there but unread, unheard. Many great people but unknown but with power to inspire, mind-blowing information and knowledge worth sharing and learning.
  • It should be normal to pay for electronic files (i.e. books). It seems to us fair that majority of amount paid goes to authors.
  • Discounts are not fair, therefore you will not find any on BeBookStar.com, no sell-offs, no 80% discounts. It´s just not fair to consumers, readers.
  • We don´t use DRM, social DRM and other limiting protective elements. We don´t want to punish you for your purchase. Whoever wants to cheat the system, will do it anyway! File is yours and we believe you will not abuse it and share it massively. We just trust you!